Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Another Prize for the Hatstruck Millinery Competition!

Remember the millinery competition I'm hosting on this site?  Well here is another prize (junk) that I've pulled out, and I'm more than happy to get rid of it.  No, it's not my doll hat block.  No it's not the doll in the background.  One of my friends gave this medical doll to my granddaughter along with a medical bag that came with it.  The doll's head lights up to a bright red when she "has a fever."  We'll my granddaughter saw that and must have figured that it was a devil doll!  She ran away screaming, so I hid it behind the head.  Yes, the prize is the mannequin head display.

I purchased the head from an antique shop because the shop had nothing related to millinery in it that I could purchase at the time.  It's just not a good idea to go into a store hungry (to purchase something); I don't care what type of store it is!  Anyway, I've seen these heads popup on Ebay from time to time, and although some sellers make up some type of story for the purpose of  generating a good sale, no one actually knows where they originated from.  They are vintage; they are hand painted; and they are made of some type of light-weight composition material.  Some believe that the mannequin heads were once department store displays.  This one happens to be more detailed and in better shape than most I've seen, having only a small blemish over the mouth, and having a more detailed painted face.

I have never used this head because I felt that it just did not fit with the type of hats I make.  If you win, it's possible that it could be yours for the taking.  Just don't tell me later  that a famous person made it, and that you're selling it for a million dollars; I just don't want to know. OK, so you don't want it either?  Well sell the thing on Ebay.  I want the space for another display I'm eying!

It just ran across my mind that I'm not giving you much of an incentive to enter my competition--a five section hat block, a vintage hat display..."she has to come up with better junk than that for me to enter."  Well, I'll dig deeper, but I doubt it; stay tuned.


  • You can only enter one (1) hat.
  • You must be a follower of this blog.  Click on the follow button in the right-hand column and follow the instructions.  See image to your right.
  • You must inter under your full name--not a screen name.
  • No Anonymous entries will be excepted.
  • This is an international competition.  I will pay for and ship to the address given, but you are responsible for any problems that you may encounter on your side.
  • Please read additional instructions here:  http://hatstruck.blogspot.com/2014/06/millinery-competition-elegant-fun.html in one of my earlier blog posts.

Interested in entering another competition?

Please check out the Mad Hatters Society Group on Facebook.  You may enter up to three (3) hats there.  Plus it's a fantastict group!  They are located at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups ./madhatterssociety/

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  1. Oh man, I hope that darling little girl has gotten over her fright! OK, I know it was a while ago but that stuff sticks around. My daughter got scared by a man in a mask when she was 4 and wouldn't go on "It's a Small World" at Disneyland until she was like 10! 'Cause there are dollies with masks on in that ride. And its my favorite ride too..... BTW we went to Disneyland recently and she went on the ride 2 times with me. So apparently it's OK now and I don't have to warn her when we're coming up on those dolls. Yeh, she is 24 now :-)

  2. L.R,

    No she's not over it. She's still a little one; I've tried introducing the doll again and she is just not ready for it. Maybe at 24 :) Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. It was quite enjoyable.