Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Slow Down; Don't Endanger Others Lives by Running Traffic Lights

I guess my life was not important enough to obey a traffic signal. Please people, nothing is so important that you have to run a traffic signal, text while driving, or drink and drive. I thank God that I'm still here to enjoy my family and friends, and also my hat books. My faithful companion of 21 (would have been in November) years did not make it, but she saved my life. Had there been someone in the passenger seat, they would not have survived, being that my car was hit so hard on the passenger side, the door ended up near center. I'm sad because my kids would ask me to drop them off two blocks from school until I bought her (the other car was extremely noisy).  Lots of memories and stains were in that car. She can never be replaced. Except for a few lumbar spine fractures, pain, and bruises, I'll be O.K.
It appears that everyone is in a hurry these days.  A car is a dangerous weapon, and it should be treated as being so.  Have a safe life.