Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Myesha Collins, Grand Prize Winner
On Sunday, April 7, I attended Target Sundays at the California African American Museum (CAAM).  This Sunday featured Hattitude! CAAM's annual hat showcase and hat competition. Every year I would hear my millinery classmates talking about the event in class, and every year I had promised that I would attend it.  Well, this year I made it.  Although I missed some of the events, I arrived in time to enjoy the wonderful singing performances and a fabulous fashion show.  Mrs. Essie Edwards and her daughter Catiana accompanied me to the event.  I love, love being in the company of good people.  Thanks you guys.  Last came the hat competition! 

Before we arrived to the event, some of the attendees had created their own whimsical hats on site, and some of those creations were entered into the fashion show.  Competition categories included children, men, and women hats.  Some of the contestants modeled their purchased hats, some modeled hats that they had made at the event, and some modeled their own custom made designs.  Each category had a first place winner; there were no second place winners.  Of those winners, there was a grand prize winner, Myesha Collins.  CONGRATULATIONS MYESHA!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to take pictures of all of the contestants and their hats because I was standing in line waiting to model my hat; plus my little toes were cursing me for wearing heels.  There was so much excitement in line until I think most of us probably didn't think about taking pictures.  I took Myesha's picture only after the competition had ended.

The first place winner was none other than yours truly!  Yes, I was the first place winner in the women's category.  I didn't even think I would place because of the large number of church hats that were in the competition.  One of the judges told me that it was the uniqueness of my hat--the spider, etc.  It was unbelievable the number of inquiries that Mrs. Edwards and I received concerning our hats.  Apparently many people still want custom made couture hats and millinery classes.  Sorry, I don't do custom hats for others, and I've been a bit slow with the classes, but they're coming.          As always, click on the images to enlarge them.