Thursday, June 7, 2012

The "Junk" Contest Winners Are...!

Thank you all for entering my millinery supply giveaway.  Hopefully you will visit me a little more often, because now you'll receive a little message in your email box as soon as I update the Hatstruck site.  When you stop in for a visit, I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a comment every once in a while just to keep me motivated and inspired to bring you better and more exciting site content.

...and the winners are:

Emily Moe, First Place
Miss Rudolph, Second Place
Kitty, Third Place, Southern California (Free Form Millinery Class)

Please email me your address at

Can you see as well as the blind sees?

In order to be successful at design, you must see as the blind sees.  If you are new to millinery, I'm curious to know what you learned from the following video, if anything.  It does not have to be this video, it could be any video, image, etc., relating to your craft.  Enjoy!