Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hatstruck Couture Millinery: How Many Hats and Accessories Can You Make From One Yard of Fabric?

As I mentioned in my last post,  I'm constantly purchasing stuff for my millinery projects.  My favorite discount fabric store will only sell a minimum of one yard of fabric.  So yes, I have tons of unused fabrics I've accumulated over the years.  Well, I decided that I would use an entire yard of fabric for one of my millinery projects.  I've created a video to show the results of my labor.  Of course I've used other supplies, but those supplies were already in my stash.

I'm so passionate about couture millinery that I really wanted to show you just how little it costs to create beautiful hats, but you must realize that it is the time and workmanship put into these hats that drive up their cost.  I tend to lean toward the conservative side, but couture millinery can be just as far out and current as you would like it to be.  Plus, you can use an unlimited number of fabrics, including suede and leathers (my favorites), silks, linens, etc.  So have fun, sit back, maximize the video screen and enjoy the movie and wonderful music.


What's Coming Up in My Next Post?
Well for my next post, I am leaning toward demonstrating how I tooled the plaid flower petals in this project using makeshift flower making tools for under one dollar, or maybe how I rhinestone a very, very small cocktail hat.  Which one of these possible posts is of interests you?


Monday, March 5, 2012

Couture Millinery Showstoppers at The Smithsonian Institute: Milliner Extraordinaire Mae Reeves' Hat Collection at the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Let's Play Catch Up
I know, I've been gone for quite some time, so I'll try to catch you up on what has been happening with me--the short version.  OK, my computer crashed and I lost all of Ms. E's birth videos and images.  My camera was stolen from my daughter, containing over 300 of my millinery images for my not-yet posted blog tutorials; now that's a true story and a great excuse.  My hat class turned out to be a very fun event, and I promised the ladies that I would invite them back for a free, even more-fun session.  Time pasts so fast, but I'll get to this as soon as possible.

I told you about my winnings at the county fair, I think, but I didn't tell you that my hand-felted hat was put into the millinery contest and a separate class was created for it, rather than it being put into the division and class I entered it into.  What gave them the right to do this!  I'm still upset about that because my goal was/is to venture out into other county fair divisions, not just the millinery division.  But I must say, I think all of this really had little to do with my sluggish blog postings or lack thereof.  I needed to reevaluate why I created this blog--to promote couture millinery and to share my knowledge with others.  I'm back on track now, and I'll concentrate on what I love to do--couture millinery--and filter out most of the white noise.

I'm sorry that I have not gown into my emails in months.  I'll do so, and I'll also post and answer the comments left on my blog. To Anonymous, regarding your comment, my blog is in English.  Many times blogs are sucked up into other Web sites.  I don't quite get the anonymous thing, but that's OK.  Oh, I've returned to Facebook, or should I say I'm visiting it more often again.  I can't stay away from all of that Millinery Eye Candy.  I'm not very much of a phone person (or an email person), so I'm OK there; however, I needed to hold my immediate friends, family, and acquaintances closer to my heart.  The thought of being addicted to social media more than family, friends, acquaintances, See's Candy and Pepsi frightens me.  There is such freedom in not being connected 24/7 to inanimate objects--and even human, at times.  As much as I really enjoy and love others' company, I also love being in my own company as well.  Try it; disconnect every once in a while.

I'll make this promise; I'll never stay away as long as I did this time, as long as I'm in good health.  Either I'll deliver a consistent flow of quality blog posts (I guess that's subjective.), or I'll close the blog down.

About My Blog Banner

I changed my banner, and I know that it's not the most sophisticated banner, but as my children did, Ms. E' inspires me.  You see, Ms. E' is now one year old.  To watch her grow warms my heart, and when I open this blog, the whole of me smiles when I see her face.

About This Blog Post's Title
Last night while perusing I came across a video of Milliner Extraordinaire Lula Mae Reeves' couture millinery creations.  The Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture had acquired a collection of Mrs. Reeves hats from her daughter.  Mrs Reeves was an entrepreneur that made hats for the famous and the not so famous starting in the 1930s.  She was the first black American woman to open her own business in downtown Philadelphia--1934.  She retired in 1977!

Every time I see vintage couture millinery, or just well made couture millinery, I find myself swooning.  Mrs. Reeves' hats are absolutely elegant, timeless, and classy.  Although I also like many of the millinery designs of this era, I absolutely love the designs of Mrs. Reeves, as well as some of the other couture milliners from the past.  Just seeing this video makes me remember why I love couture millinery.  The video is over an hour long; so make sure the dog ha been walked, pop some popcorn, stock up on your favorite candy, soda, or some carrot sticks, and settle back to enjoy the movie.  If you can't watch it in one setting, pause it until you can view the entire thing.  This video is inspirational to all pursuing millinery as a business endeavor or those that are already in the millinery business, including those of us that just love couture millinery.

Oh, someone, anyone, if you know or have access to the elegant First Lady Michael Obama, please ask her to adorn her lovely head at least once with a beautiful couture hat.  It would do wonders for the economy.  Every little bit helps.

...and now to the video!  Please stick around for the fashion show; you will not regret it.

What's Coming Up in My Next Post?
Just as every milliner or hobbyist, I constantly purchase supplies and continuously stuff those supplies into spaces that just can't take any more!  I made a promise to myself:  "I will not purchase more supplies."  OK, so I broke that promise.  So, I made another promise to myself:  "I will at least use the supplies as I purchase them."  OK, once again I broke that promise; I purchased the material at least three years ago.  My favorite fabric store will only sell a minimum of one yard of fabric.  That's too much fabric for one hat, so I vowed to start using the entire yard--this may prove to be too ambitious.  But, in my next post I'll show you exactly what I did with that one yard of material.  A hint:  hats (how many?), shoes?, etc., etc.  Don't miss my next post; sign up for email reminders.  See sidebar to your right.