Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Farewell to Dame Elizabeth Taylor

I didn't plan to write a post on Dame Elizabeth Taylor, but I couldn't get her off my mind. Seeing some of her interviews over the past two days, I was so touched by her openness concerning her life and her loves. We can't thank her enough for taking up the AIDS cause, thus opening up small minds, allowing the whole world to benefit. She shared her bout with alcoholism and drug addiction with us, and by doing so helped so many; her actions saying, "I'm human," sending a message to others needing help that it was OK to seek it. In addition, her humor, sincerity, and many humanitarian causes, as well as her wonderful acting rolls, will never be forgotten.

As I looked through the many beautiful images of Elizabeth at Movie Maidens, I remembered what my aunt always told me as a teenager and a young woman: "Youth has its beauty." In others words, regarding makeup (for me), a young woman is naturally beautiful and needs very little if any makeup (remember that things were different back then, at least in my world).  I actually delayed serious makeup until my late 20s, if not my early 30s, because of these words.  And maybe, just maybe subconsciously, I didn't choose a more youthful photograph of Elizabeth, because as a young woman, she was naturally stunning, even as a child.  I chose a photo of her in her most beautiful seasoned years (again, to me), just as beautiful as the younger Elizabeth.  From as far back as I can remember until her death, Elizabeth Taylor has always been beautiful--her physical features--but the more I think back on her life and her contributions to our society, the more beautiful she became (from the inside out).

On a lighter note, I've learned that I had two things in common with Elizabeth.  First, I'm always late.  My coworkers always teased me about being late to my job interview, and despite this fact I was hired.  My manager would later joke that he hired me for my personality.  Second, I've always said that I would be late to my own funeral.  I recently learned that Dame Elizabeth made a similar statement.  Both of us have/had a sense of humor, at least I would like to think so on my part. 

There is even more.  In the early 1970s I worked for an insurance company in a specialized department, and every time Elizabeth was hired for a new movie, the movie studio would purchase insurance on her.  This is not unusual, but in the case of Dame Elizabeth, an extra step was taken.  I  would pull her file and accompany my supervisor upstairs a few floors above us where we would secure additional insurance on her from Lloyds of London through another insurance agent--umbrella insurance.  So Dame Elizabeth I know you've had a a long journey, not all roses, but you weathered the storm with strength, grace, and class.  Farewell to an all-around strong, beautiful woman.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Los Angeles County Fair "Design Your Dream Hat" Millinery Contest Announcement!

 It's that time of the year again!  Yes, every year I look forward to the Los Angeles County Fair millinery contest.  Every year for the past several years I have daydreamed about the types of hats I would make, only to start working on them a few days before deadline.  Then, after the fact, it comes to me that I could have submitted one of the hats I have displayed in my living room.  Well I was such a flop last year until I'll limit my daydreaming (mental sketching) this year.  So ladies and gentlemen, it's important to keep our millinery contests going, because to my knowledge, there aren't any contests of this type here in sunny Southern California.  Your support/submissions are extremely important.  Also, just because you live in another state or country, don't let this discourage you from entering your best hat.  Hats don't have to be delivered in person; the mail works just fine.

Correction!  Delivery date and delivery time on the flyer below is incorrect.  See image above for the correct date and time.
Now for the details, for general contest information, visit the Tapestry Web site.  Take note that entry and delivery deadlines vary across contests.  If you are only interested in the millinery contest, make sure that you carefully read the details in the Design Your Dream Hat flyer.  

Oh!  Don't forget to take my survey, see sidebar, to let me know the millinery tutorials you are interested in seeing on this site.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Couture Millinery: Easy Turbans, Site Questionnaire, Suggestions, etc.

TURBANS (issue title is WAYS AND MEANS) Some of you may have noticed that I've made slight changes to this site.  My goal is to build a site that offers something for everyone, millinery inspiration and techniques, including resources that just make you feel good when you arrive here.  The sidebar offers something for everyone:  tutorials, grate images from the past to the present, all found on links to millinery archives and to other fabulous milliners' Web sites.  I have made some of these changes and, I hope improvements, for selfish reasons.  You see, this is my look-book, my source of inspiration, and my reference manual.  So, when you stop by, visit the sidebar to your right; you may find something there that peaks your interest, even if you're not a milliner.

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Now I'm going to ask for your help:  (1) I've added a questionnaire in the sidebar to survey what your millinery interests are; I would be very grateful if you would respond through it;  (2)  If you have suggestions concerning improvements to this site, please let me know; and  (3) Finally, If you visit my site on a regular basis, please "Follow" me and leave a comment every once in a while.  Even if one person gets something from this site besides me, I will feel that I've accomplished my goal of giving something back in my own way.  


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hatstruck is Now Struck on Her New Granddaughter

She's not even a week old, and we just can't stop looking at this little miracle girl.  Little Ms. E is what I call her; she is my first grandchild.  She constantly smiles, while awake and at sleep, except when hungry or she has soiled her diaper.  She is as beautiful as her mother, with the angelic disposition of both her mother and father.  Ms. E is doing great, mother has a long way to recovery.  All said, God has blessed me once again.

In the first image, Ms. E is about five minutes old, and about eight minutes old in the second image.  I took both images in the delivery room.  I pray that God carry her and bless her every moment, and that she has a long and happy life.