Thursday, June 7, 2012

The "Junk" Contest Winners Are...!

Thank you all for entering my millinery supply giveaway.  Hopefully you will visit me a little more often, because now you'll receive a little message in your email box as soon as I update the Hatstruck site.  When you stop in for a visit, I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a comment every once in a while just to keep me motivated and inspired to bring you better and more exciting site content.

...and the winners are:

Emily Moe, First Place
Miss Rudolph, Second Place
Kitty, Third Place, Southern California (Free Form Millinery Class)

Please email me your address at

Can you see as well as the blind sees?

In order to be successful at design, you must see as the blind sees.  If you are new to millinery, I'm curious to know what you learned from the following video, if anything.  It does not have to be this video, it could be any video, image, etc., relating to your craft.  Enjoy!


  1. thanks for the inspiration and motivation,
    Hettie Heijnis

  2. Thank you for your kind words Hettie. They inspire me.

  3. Dear lee
    Thank you for creating such a wonderful blog and sharing your knowledge. I am an aspiring milliner and the info and articles you have posted have really helped me. I was hoping you could help me out with a question I have. I am making my own buckram frames. I made a teardrop shape one and then wired it I started wiring it at the front where the teardrop curves around. The rest of it looks good but the wire isn't sitting flat were at the front of the shape. When you wire a teardrop shape were do you start to wire it? And if you have any tips at all I am all ears. I had no problems wiring the round base. Many thanks again for your wonderful blog. Noeleen

  4. Thanks Noeleen,

    When you are wiring a frame the wire usually always starts at the back of the frame. Additionally, the wire should set approximately one inch off from the center back of the frame. This offset is not as important on your small frame as it is on a larger frame. I hope this helps.


  5. Gracias Lee. El video es muy interesante. Aquí en Sevilla hay un lugar donde dan clases de joyería artística y estoy pensando acudir a ellas. Pienso que todo lo que pueda aprender podré utilizarlo en mis sombreros.
    Es una pena que vivamos tan lejos, me encantaría poder asistir a algunas de sus clases o poder consultarle algunas de mis dudas en persona.

    Thanks Lee. The video is very interesting. Here in Seville is a place where classes are artistic jewelry and I'm thinking to go to them. I think you can learn everything I can use it on my hats.
    Too bad we live so far away, I would love to attend some classes or to inquire about some of my questions in person.

    Also I have to give English classes to better their language espresarme

  6. Gracias. Sí, la clase de joyería ayudará. Además, hay muchas artes y oficios clases que se sumarán a su conocimiento y ayudarle con su sombrerería.