Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Film--Three-Way Hat, Diamond Jubilee Millinery Contest, My TUMBLR Site, Etc.

My New Blog on TUMBLR
I came across this film some time ago and thought I would share it with you. I posted the video on, an interesting Web site I recently discovered. Please follow me there, as well as on my main site here.  TUMBLR is a place where I can post things fast without spending hours processing images, etc.  The content will consists of a little of my stuff and a lot of  others' creative stuff.

Millinery Contest
Wednesday/Thursday (usually if I give a day it's always the next day, since I'm a night person) I started working on a hat for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration Millinery Contest (visit Talenthouse for more details). The submission day is May 3, I believe.  OK, OK, I work better under pressure.  There is a chance I may not make the deadline, but in case I do I'm asking for your support.  I think how it works is that supporters on my Talenthouse site are notified when it's time to vote, etc.  If it does not work this way, then I'll remind you to vote for me, pleaseeee.  If you are not a Talenthouse subscriber, you can subscribe to the site or you can use your Facebook account to log into the site.  To  support me in advance, visit me at and push the support button, or something.  As you can see, I'm not a Talenthouse expert.  If I don't meet the deadline, then you will be my supporter the next time something comes around--no need to sign up again.  Thanks a million!

I'm So Sorry :(
Something else; I've promised to show you how I made the flower petals seen in my One-Yard-of-Fabric project.  I'm not stringing you along.  I've made a crude video, and director I am not.  Anyway, it's still in the can awaiting editing.  I'm still learning with this blog thing.  I thought that if I would state what post content was coming up next, I would create faster and post more often.  Well, there are 24 hours in the day, and ...well I will not continue this short-lived advance notice.  Ms. E', my granddaughter, demands her time..


  1. Love the video! It really just astonishes me how different it must have been to live in a world where one simply did not leave the house without a hat on...

  2. Hi Colleen,
    I agree; I guess we have to remedy the situation by putting on our hats every time we leave home.

  3. I liked the hat video. I agree with - wear a hat every day!

  4. Very nice video! I love this three way hat, one with lots of secrets :) Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Thanks Kathleen and Oju illa,

    The video certainly gave me a few ideas.