Monday, September 19, 2011

Fascinator Class October 15, 2011, Los Angeles, California, Area

First, forgive me for staying away for so long.  I've been extremely busy with Ms. E', updating my Hatstruck Web site, making hats, buying hat supplies I'll never use, you name it!

The Hatstruck site contains what I refer to as my "Portfolio of Skills."  I haven't added  descriptions to the backs of the majority of the images yet, plus I need to add additional images.  However, I've decided to launch the site as is to support the announcement of the my upcoming fascinator class.  

I attended the fair and I took pictures, but I'll post those in a week or so.  I did win two first awards, and a most innovative award, including lower awards on all of my other entries.  I'll go into more detail later.

Yes, I finally decided to give a group class again.  I wanted a place close to where I live, somewhere serene, somewhere artsy.  After looking for an appropriate location, I decided on a place within walking distance from where I live here in Torrance, California.  For those traveling from out of town, Torrance is packed full of  wonderful restaurants, hotels, and shopping.  The weather in this beach city is to kill for!  Just a little bit of enticement to encourage you to travel here.

The class will be held on Saturday, October 15, 2011.  Here is a description of the class as given here in the sidebar.  For time and location, please see the sidebar to your right:

More than a simple fascinator class, this class will teach frame making and covering; millinery trim, including feather work, and more. Various demonstrations using popular millinery materials (jinsin, crinoline, sinamay, etc.) will be given in class. Learn skills that apply to all areas of couture millinery. All fascinator supplies are included in the class fee. Please bring scissors, stick pins, measuring tape, and needles.  Although you will complete a buckram frame (wiring, stitching, etc.), finished frames will be provided so that you may cover and trim an additional hat(s), depending on your skill level and time. A class fee discount applies to Hatstruck blog members--$180 members, $225 non-members). Registration fee now due. A non-refundable fee of $40 will apply should you cancel the class within eight (8) days of class start date.  For those registering from 1 to 8 days of the class and decide to cancel, the $40 non-refundable fee will also apply. Please contact me at for additional information.  Feel free to make payment through PayPal.

There is a lot packed into this class.  I was not interested in conducting a fascinator class where you just trim a fascinator base and call it a day.   So, if you want to work hard, but still have lots of fun, please join me.  Although I will demonstrate a shortlist of hand stitches in class, I suggest that you view the stitch videos suggested on links in the sidebar to your right.  Snacks will be provided.

Below is a fun, vintage millinery video; enjoy!


  1. Maravilloso video ¡¡¡
    Me encantaría poder asistir a sus clases y aprender a hacer un sombrero de alambre, pero esta tan lejos California…
    Necesito comprar una horma, con la forma del cráneo humano para hacer sombreros del 1920. ¿Dónde podría comprarla? No tiene que ser muy cara.
    Gracias Lee, por su maravilloso blog y por estar siempre disponible en mi ordenador…

  2. Gracias de nuevo Carmen. ¿Está usted hablando del bloque cloche 1920 aquí ( es similar a la del cráneo bloque. Si es así, usted puede hacer lo mismo con un cráneo normal (utilidad) del bloque. Antes de comprar los bloques de campana, he usado una banda ruber de ancho para marcar la forma de la campana. La cloche aquí,, se hizo en un bloque de 1920 cloach. Si usted no tiene uno, utilice una banda de goma o dibujar una forma en el bloque regular después de que se haya secado. A continuación, tire del borde de la bucarán (20/20?) Con los dedos de estilo a cabo. Por último, alambre y cubrir el marco bucarán. Si usted tiene acceso a Ebay, usted puede comprar el bloque de 20 cloche barato.

  3. I'm sorry if I took too much of your time last week, Ms. Lee. You have been a terrific mentor, and if I hit the lotto, I will leave my beautiful beach side town & show up in that beautiful beach side town of yours for your fascinator class. Sounds awesome! Have a super weekend and hug that precious (albeit upside down) Baby Girl for me!

    Sarah Triton

  4. My pleasure Sara.

    Ms. E' is lying backwards in her mothers lap while she takes her picture. The camera is always around.

  5. Lee, it sounds fantastic! I could picture in my mind the steps of creating beautiful little hat and it made me smile...:-)It is almost like preparing dessert and the options are endless. I know you will have much success with this class and it is truly a shame that I can not visit you for even just a little bit.

  6. Thanks Anya. It's 5:52 a.m. and I've still not gone to bed. I'm working on my Web site, looking up resources, and joining anything that will promote my class....

  7. I'm very happy I stumbled on your site. Will be stopping by. Have a great day!

  8. Dear Lee, Here I am again. I would like to Thank you so very much for your kind and heartfelt comment under my Rejection post. Every word made so much sence to me and brought so much comfort - I do not know how express what I felt avter I read it. It felt as if suddenly the weight has been lifted off and I, for the first time in weeks, saw things with such clearity! It was not easy for me to write this post. Subject of rejection is always thought of as "ugly", smething only a looser would admit to. I know how many people going through it in silence. Thank you so very much and I can promise you to follow every word of the wise advice you have given me.

  9. Thanks Anya. You made my day. I'm happy my words made you feel better. I'm a better advice giver than one that takes their own voice.

  10. Thanks Desert Flower, I'm looking forward to your visits.