Monday, June 20, 2011

French Couture Hand Rolled Silk Organza Flowers

Please note that there was a typo on the County Fair millinery flyer.  The delivery date is July 16, 2011 and the delivery time is from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

OK ladies and gentlemen, I couldn't resist this one.  I just had to use Ms. E' as my flower model for this post.  She is just the cutest little thing--almost four months old now.  I'm having so much fun babysitting her each day.  I missed all the cute little things my kids did, like their first steps, etc., because I was busy working everyday.  You're lucky that I can't paint a mural of her on your living room walls just so your hearts could  smile as much as mine when you see her.

Ms. E' is modeling one of three silk organza hand rolled flowers I recently made.  When I first learned how to make these hand rolled flowers a couple of decades ago, we would spit roll the petals.  "Did she just say spit roll, as in saliva!"  Yes, I did.  Well, I don't do that anymore.  I don't think the world was as health conscious as it is today, and now I don't even want to think about it.  Today, I roll the flowers with diluted fabric stiffener or diluted white glue, using the same original pattern.  I make slight modifications to the pattern, depending on the effect I want to achieve, or I'll just make another pattern in some cases.

The top and bottom flower petals in the image to your right were cut from the same size pattern.  The petals of the flower on the top were given a very slight roll at intervals, while the petals of the bottom flower were entirely rolled going around the petal, except its bottom.  The flower in the middle is a slight variation of the other flowers; here I used less petals--same pattern.  For the center, I cut small pieces of fabric and dipped them into dye, the petals were painted with a paint brush.  I'll put together a tutorial for the top flower when I get a chance.  Oh, you'll also notice a red fascinator in the slideshow below.  The flower was both hand rolled and tooled using an electric flower iron.  I'm still greiving over the fact that I gave this hat to one of my friends.  That red rose was the most beautiful flower I ever made.  I couldn't get the camera to capture its beauty. I hope you enjoy the slideshow; I had fun making it.

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Please Note!!! There is a bug (error) in the image viewer. The images for this post should show flowers and a cute baby. If you see the fashion show images from the last post, please display this post by itself by accessing it through the sidebarSorry for any inconvenience. 


  1. the flowers are amazing, and what a beautiful model. lol... i hope you keep this photo for her to see when she is older.

  2. Thanks Dibs. Believe me, she will have a ton of pictures. She's our little blessing.

  3. lol. I just blogged about your site on my blog. hope you don't mind. I am so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge. thanks for being such a kind person.

  4. Thanks. Enjoy the bowls and vases you're collecting!

  5. wow I'm so amazed by your work !I have been looking for information on millinery flowers how to . this craft is lost
    I make girls hair bows , headbands and tutus but my passion is to learn to make flowers ...I would love to one day visit and learn from you ,,, I just found you and will follow your blog to learn . than you !
    Lupita Castaneda
    Abbybella Bowtique

  6. Thank you Abby, I'm happy you stopped by. Visit often, please.

  7. I love your site. Please do a tutorial on the rolled petal roses. I have a general idea, but would like to know how to shape the petals. Thanks.

    1. Hi Tyra, thanks for visiting site. The shape of the roses above is achieved by cutting a crescent shape into the bottom portion of the pedal, then sewing a running stitch along the crescent. This causes the flower petal to cup. Regarding the edges, these are accomplished by adding glue to the edges and rolling the fabric between the thumb and point finger. I'll try to get around to doing a tutorial ASAP.