Friday, March 11, 2011

Couture Millinery: Easy Turbans, Site Questionnaire, Suggestions, etc.

TURBANS (issue title is WAYS AND MEANS) Some of you may have noticed that I've made slight changes to this site.  My goal is to build a site that offers something for everyone, millinery inspiration and techniques, including resources that just make you feel good when you arrive here.  The sidebar offers something for everyone:  tutorials, grate images from the past to the present, all found on links to millinery archives and to other fabulous milliners' Web sites.  I have made some of these changes and, I hope improvements, for selfish reasons.  You see, this is my look-book, my source of inspiration, and my reference manual.  So, when you stop by, visit the sidebar to your right; you may find something there that peaks your interest, even if you're not a milliner.

(Click on Image Above to Start Movie)

Now I'm going to ask for your help:  (1) I've added a questionnaire in the sidebar to survey what your millinery interests are; I would be very grateful if you would respond through it;  (2)  If you have suggestions concerning improvements to this site, please let me know; and  (3) Finally, If you visit my site on a regular basis, please "Follow" me and leave a comment every once in a while.  Even if one person gets something from this site besides me, I will feel that I've accomplished my goal of giving something back in my own way.  



  1. Hi,
    I've just found your blog and it's just wonderful!
    I haven't been making hats long... but I think I've got the bug!
    I made machine embroidered flowers and add them to fascinators... love to hear your thoughts?
    I'm so looking forward to following your blog
    Heidi xx

  2. Thanks. When I noticed that you were following me, I visited your sites. I liked your fascinators, and the first thing I noticed was the embroidery, a wonderful addition.

  3. Just loved the film on making turbans! Thank you for sharing. So much and inspiring. Really enjoy all the changes you are making to the blog. Good work!

  4. Love love love the video on making a turban. Thank you.

  5. Maravilloso video de como se hace un turbante.
    Gracias Lee, su blog es cada vez, mas y mas interesante.

  6. Gracias Carmen. Le agradecería sugerencias sobre cómo hacer que sea mucho mejor.