Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vintage Millinery, Vintage Clothing: The Feel-Good Factor

I never thought I would be a Facebook or Twitter fan; I've been a fan of YouTube forever. Well, I'm still not into Twitter, but I'll get there. I don't keep up with my close friends and family on Facebook because my daughter has that covered. Twitter, well, when I'm in an antique, thrift, or millinery shop, or at my favorite bookstore sipping on over-sweetened coffee and eating sinful pastries, I'm in a meditative state--Tweets just don't factor in, but I'll get there. At my age, I have to keep up with what's going on around me. Never mind that my body is well seasoned and a little stiff, I have to keep my mind young and flexible. People, books, television,YouTube, Facebook, whatever it takes, I'm willing to try it.

So, now intrigued with Facebook's creative community and its friends and friends of friends, I found myself searching for the most creative, the best--la crème de la crème.  On one such occasion I found the Anita Mc'Enzy site--not even hat related--a friend of a friend.  I just fell in love with this site.  Here were vintage-style dresses reminiscent of those from my childhood; they made me feel so good.  So, I skipped over to YouTube, another one of my feel-good places, to find a Pearl Bailey video.  Ms. Bailey resembled one of my  grandmothers...oh my grandmother's smell, her food....  I found the perfect video, Ms. Bailey in a beautiful hat and suite, circa 50s/60s!  (Notice her handwriting on the blackboard.  It looks similar to my handwriting!  OMG, they were beating students across the knuckles with a thick yardstick if they didn't get their cursive letters correct back when she was going to school also!  Maybe we had the same fifth grade teacher!  OK, not everything felt good from that era.)   

Maybe I'll Tweet this?  Enjoy 
Update:  I Tweeted!

Anita Mc'Enzy Web Site (coming soon), Facebook, Email


  1. Anita´s creations are great, if you´d liked her clothes, then you´ll love the Maria Guye ones too. Google her name, ando you´ll easily find her site. Both of them are at Spain...well, finally i´m lucky to have some source here in spain to reach some nice vintage inspired quality clothes!!

    Love your hats! I´m seriously thinking about to make my own´s, due to the difficulties to find nice models in my little hometown...

    (sorry for my bad english)



  2. Gracias por sus comentarios y el sitio vestido vintage inspirado. Su Inglés es mejor que mi español;-)

    Thanks for your comments and the vintage inspired dress site. Your English is better than my Spanish ;-)

  3. Beautiful! Can't wait till her web site is up. What a great find! : )