Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Millinery Inspiration From Our Built Environment

Sometimes it appears that everyone is interested in becoming a milliner or hatter, and that's a good thing.  But I also feel that those new to hat making only take inspiration from that that already exists (I'm also guilty), thus many of their designs look the same or very similar to existing designs.  So, after viewing this video I thought that, just maybe, inspiration from another source would inspire more creative designs from those new to millinery and hatting.

How many of us actually stop and look around at our physical and built environments when we leave our homes.  I mean really look around, take a deep breath, and take in our surrounding environment.  Check out this video; I hope it will inspire you to look at environmental sources for some of your design inspiration.  Enjoy!

Click on image; video opens in separate window.



  1. Love those hats in the video. 2 of them I would wear definitely.

    Yes, inspiration is everywhere, but you have to be in the mood to see it.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful video, I enjoyed every bit of it! :-))) And, yes,you are absolutely right: it is much easier to follow somebody elses foot steps ruther than to create something new. Just like you, I like creating hats of a classical shape, but even more I enjoy designing something very different.Things around me constantly inspire me.:-)

  3. Thanks. Now that I'm officially retired, I hope that I can spend more time observing and enjoying life.

  4. Fascinating! I've found a few vintage hats - and, of course, seen them in old movies - that were like the ones shown in the video, and I've often wondered what influenced them. Now it all makes sense. Great and inspiring post. Thanks so much!

  5. Hi. Thanks...I hope you checked out the other videos. I'm absolutely hoked on this site.

  6. Gracias¡¡ por su comentario en mi blog.
    Me encantan las películas y fotografías de sombreros vintage.Yo aprendo mucho de ellas.
    Pienso que la inspiración, puede estar en cualquier sitio o lugar. Hay que estar dispuesto a encontrarla y sobretodo, utilizar al imaginación para hacerla sombrero.

  7. I think getting inspired by a hat and making it your own is just fine, but straight out making the same hat is just plain wrong! I don't like when hat makers / milliners do that.