Monday, September 6, 2010

Los Angeles/Pomona County Fair Millinery Competition Images

First, congratulations to all of the Los Angeles/Pomona County Fair millinery competition winners.  The Best of Show Award went to Dave Temple of Fullerton.  I think that the red felt hat in the group image above was awarded the Craftsmanship Award.  I couldn't read the name on this image.  So, if anyone goes to the fair after reading this post, please leave the name in the Comments box below.

Front display.  Click on any image to view a larger image.
Green -  Color or Innovation
Blue - First Place
Red - Second Place
White - Third Place
Pink - Merit

I didn't do well this year; I'll blame it on the one and a half days I spent making my hats.  I threw this one together in less than 20 minutes.  I never thought it would win anything.  No headband; but it's small, and that's the trend these days.

This one didn't place (category, purchased embellished hat).

This one you've seen before; I received the Judge's Award for Merit for this one. The only thing new here is the detachable veil that I added chenille to.  The veil should have gown under the hat and the feather to the front side (the grosgrain ends in the back).

Finally, I also received the Judge's Award for Merit for this one.   I think these awards are like "thank you for entering but do better next time." 


This is my daughter's little hat; you would have to see it on the head to really appreciate it.  She burned the feathers herself and they swirl across the face.  She received the Judge's Award for Merit.

 Before typing this post I vowed to keep my opinions to myself, but I just had to mention two hats that did not even receive a Judge's Award for Merit but were absolutely wonderful (to me).  Sandra Square of San Bernardino, I thought your hat was one of the best made hats of all the entries.  The workmanship was impeccable.  I really have to stop looking at things like workmanship and focus more on trends.

Louise McGee of Inglewood, nice, very nice.  I'm a sucker for a beautiful well made transparent hat.  I think these entrants had hats in various categories also.

I'm sure there were others, but my family wanted to go play games.  I didn't have as much time as I wanted with the hats. Next year I think I'll go to the fair at least once alone.


  1. never, never stop looking at workmanship in favor of trends. trends are fine, but they pass. good workmanship lives to see another day. great workmanship AND design are still in vogue in some circles.

    thanks for the critique and if i make it to the fair this year i'll check out the hats!

  2. My daughter's comments were similar to yours. I may go back to the fair because I didn't get a chance to spend enough time with the hats. Plus I love to see the other crafts, but did not have a chance to do so.


  3. trends trends trends...
    i am sorry if the jury only looks at trends and puts the workmanship aside. I don't like fashion nor trends. Let's be inspired by what is around us, what happens in our lifes. Trends are there for just a season. Beauty is everywhere. All the time. I try to find inspiration in the inside and not the outside. Though I get inspired by colours I see and textures I touch.

    You hats were gorgeous. I also love the others 2 ones who didn't win anything . I guess the jury doesn't know much about millinery? I am right?



  4. Good to hear from you Gigi. I really tried not to give my opinion because I'm here. I think I probably said too much; but, I do agree with you. I didn't put a lot into my projects, but some of the other hats were so well put together, but were not recognized.... So,....

    It's always great hearing from you.


  5. Lee, do not ever stop looking at craftsmenship. Craftsmenship is a single ingridient that elevates design to the level of Art. I would never buy or, for that matter, create a hat that has poor craftsmenship. I believe that it is John Galliano who said that the design is only as good as its inner side.Thank you for this post!:-)

  6. Thanks you. I'll remember that quote.

    On another note I don't know what happened to the display this year. All of the hats appeared over handled, tattered. I thought I was being too critical but others mentioned the same thing. Apparently, there were new people setting up the display because many of the hats were displayed backwards, sideways, etc. Some of us are attached to our hats and hate to see them mishandled.

    Thanks again

  7. Looks to me as if you did pretty well for only spending 1.5 days making. ;-) I know how much work goes into those 1.5 days, as do you, of course! And I totally agree with everyone else. You can never stop looking at craftmanship...whether you ever win another award or not. You have to be true to your craft.

    Thanks for posting this competition. I've seen it advertised for several years now and wondered about the entries.

    Maybe they should get pictures from the milliners on how to display. Always a bust when you see your hat(s) displayed incorrectly!

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  9. As a matter of fact I'm sending suggestions tomorrow concerning the display. The sewn straw was sewn outside of the 1 1/2 day period, but yes that was a quite intense period.

  10. Lee, ALL these are nice! So much time goes into making hats, I'm INSPIRED!!!!!!!!!! Rose from Dallas