Sunday, April 11, 2010

L. A. County Fair Millinery Competition

It's that time of the year again--time for all of you fabulous milliners to inter your best-made hats into the Los Angeles Fair's millinery competition!  Visit Tapestry for its general entry details.  Go to the bottom of the Tapestry page and click on Project Hatway Contest to download a file containing the flyer, entry forms, including any additional details for the millinery contest. If you have questions regarding the contest, please email Amy Pond-Cirelli or call her at (909) 865-4043.  It's extremely important that the deadline dates be adhered to.


  1. So wonderful to see people who enjoy hats as much as I do. :-) I think that the hats from the post below are amazing!!! Drapery is not the easiest thin to master. Wishing you wonderful day.:-)

  2. Thanks you soooo much. I just left your site, and I must tell you that it is one of the most beautiful sites on the Web.